** Water and Light Photo Project “10 10 10 Days in a City”
As part of the Kyotographie Photo Festival  
Water and Light Project presents
10 Photographers, 10 Counties, 10 Photos each, projected 4meters wide

Plus 10 photo prints of Kyoto life
SOCO Cafe/Gallery Sept 17 to Oct 17 2021 11:30 – 20:30
Opening Sept 17 18:00 – 20:00 live music
Closed Wednesdays
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「10 10 10 展 」 10 10 10 Days in a City
SOCO Cafe/Gallery  9/17-10/17 11:30~20:30  水曜休廊 
10都市10人の写真家による世界の日常100イメージが織りなすビデオ プロジェクション インスタレーション(イメージサイズ4m×2.5m)と、「京都の日常」を切り取った10作家による写真展示。様々な人々の日常、暮らしが語りかけます。

Exhibition: As part of the Kyotographie festival in Kyoto Japan, 100 images of daily life, gathered from around the world. Photos by 10 photographers, transferred to video, projected one by one, 4 meters wide, 2.5 meters tall filling an entire wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, in a theater like setting. Accompanied by recorded music composed by James Whetzel, and Brent Arnold.  Music composers from Julliard School of Music, Chai Sangco and Joy Abalon Tamayo “an_outskirt Patrick Suler and Robert O’Connor, Assistance and creative support by Ray Lustig.  *Opening night will be live music composed and performed by Kyoto musicians, Chris Fryman and Ko Yasumoto.

*9/17(金)オープニングライブミュージック 18:00~20:00 
出演:Chris Fryman(トランペット) 、 安本 耕(キーボード)
*9/25(土)withライブミュージック 18:00~20:00
出演 :marron ucon duo エントランス ¥500 + ドリンク ¥500

 ** 10 10 Kyoto
“Photo documentation of daily life in Kyoto” We will also be showing the photos from 10 photographers  documenting life in Kyoto. Each showing one picture capturing people working, playing, surviving, people interacting, doing daily chores, animals, architecture and nature. Images that show what is unique about Kyoto and its community. Pictures that show why we love to live in Kyoto.

Photographers for “10 10 10 Days in a City” video 「世界の日常」
David Corio, London, England     
Tahmineh Monzavi, Iran, Tehran
Sead Šašivarević, Lukomir, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Martin Štokić, Gonsu, China
Gil Kreslavsky, Amarapura, Myanmar
Natalia Knezevic, Los Angeles, USA
Tuna Alp Angel, Istanbul, Turkey
Kei Mizuno, Ratanakiri, Cambodia
Punchy Barriola Montevideo, Uruguay
fukudapero, Rwanda

Photographers for 10 10 Kyoto「京都の日常」
Atticus Sims
Fred Payet
Sakai Motonari 酒井元也
Simon Slater
Masana Mikami 三上昌来
Taiga Tamura 田村泰雅
Ark Tui
Stuart Gibson
Lane Diko
Codi Hauka